English Article Analysis Workshop Reviews -B1

The first session of the English Academic Article Analysis program organized by the International Workshop Platform was held. In the program, which was organized under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr. Şuay Nilhan Açıkalın, Francis Fukuyama’s article titled “30 Years of World Politics: What Has Changed?” was analyzed. The program, which started with the analysis of the language structure of the article, continued with the participants expressing the thoughts that the article aroused in their minds. Within the scope of the article subtitles, many topics such as the evolution of right-left concepts, the effect of technology on the international order, and the place of democracy in today’s world were discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective. Assist. Prof. Dr. Şuay Nilhan Açıkalın directed the program with her valuable contributions. Açıkalın particularly dwelled on the change in Fukuyama’s views. Emphasizing that Fukuyama has moved away from his “The End of History” thesis, Açıkalın stated that we are witnessing a change all over the world. In this context, she highlighted that it is very important to understand the place of technology companies in the international order and the perspective of nation-states towards technology. Referring to the “illiberal democracy” distinction of Fukuyama, Açıkalın drew attention to the changes in the governance characters of the modern states. The program, conducted in English and Turkish languages with the participation of participants from various countries, was concluded with the determination of the next week’s reading.

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