English Article Analysis Workshop Reviews -B2

In the International Workshop Platform (INTWOP) English Article Analysis Workshop this week, Prof. Daniel W. Drezner’s article titled “The Song Remains the Same: International Relations After COVID-19” was analyzed. The workshop, which started with the discussion of the writing language of the article, was carried out with detailed text analysis. In the workshop, within the scope of the article, the effects of coronavirus on the international order were discussed. Whether the coronavirus is a turning point was examined from various angles with participants from different countries. In the workshop where the validity of Drezner’s arguments was discussed, the future of the USA-China competition was examined. Assist. Prof. Dr. Şuay Nilhan Açıkkalın, guided the workshop with her valuable contributions. Sharing her analysis on the effects of coronavirus at individual, state and system levels, Açıkalın also stated possible solutions to international problems. Stating that countries should cooperate against the virus that transcends borders, Açıkalın emphasized the importance of the concept of glocalization. At the same time, Açıkalın pointed out that the coronavirus caused the effect of international organizations to decrease. Stating that a theoretically realistic perspective is necessary to explain the current situation, Açıkalın drew attention to the importance of Drezner’s work in this context. The workshop, in which Drezner’s views on the power distribution of coronavirus and its effects on distribution of interest were comprehensively analyzed, ended with a discussion of the place of the coronavirus in the history books of the future.

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