About us

Our Vision

The world is witnessing unprecedented developments. In an age of such profound and influential changes, all people and academic disciplines need to come together to build a common future. The International Workshop Platform (INTWOP) was first put into practice based on Morality and Spirituality to create a holistic understanding of the world that encompasses everyone.

 Based on these principles the vision of INTWOP as follows:


  • Compatible with digital transformation;
  • The academy interacts with the public;
  • Communication is used effectively;
  • Everyone can express their opinion;
  • Youth has a say.

Our Mission

The International Workshop Platform (INTWOP) is a collective organization that hosts interdisciplinary studies where all parties can come together at international and national levels.

 The mission of INTWOP, which aims to contribute to the increase of knowledge, to prevent rapidly progressing polarization, and to build new world order, has been determined as follows.

  • To organize workshops, panels, and workshops where students and academicians will come together.
  • Organizing simulations of international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and the D8 Economic Cooperation Organization. In this way, to prepare students for diplomatic life;
  • To convey the important developments in the world and the work done by the platform to their followers through monthly e-bulletins;
  • To prepare podcasts where current developments are discussed;
  • Organizing debates to discuss the solutions to international and national problems;
  • To create online platforms where students can express their opinions in writing and orally.